General properties:
• Double or triple action kinetic air valves to extract and impel air
from and into irrigation systems.
• Made of nylon 6.6 and reinforced with 30% fibreglass. Rubber
closure gasket and polystyrene float.
• Operating range of 0.2 to 15 bar.
• Continuous operation.
• Automatic effect.
• Extracts more than 500 m3/h of air on filling the installation,
without the valve closing through absence of air.
• Extraction of more than 45 m3/h of air in installations with
hydraulic pressures of 4 bar.
• It extracts the air from the installation while the pipelines are
filling. When the water reaches the inside of the valve, the float
rises and closes the discharge outlet.
• It prevents the pipes from collapsing due to pressure decrease
when the system is emptied. As the system is being emptied, the
float drops and opens the seal, allowing air to enter the pipe.

• Agricultural installations, professional landscaping of all types and
industrial use.