LefasAgri Import Export Company deals with irrigtion systems since 2000.

The two crucial factors for harvest increase are Irrigation and Fertilisation. They are the most important factors for efficient crop management.

Irrigation is the artificial water supply at a field in order to support the crop. It is commonly used at dry places or at low-rain periods or at irrigated crops. It is also used to protect crops from frost.

It is often calculated according to draining which has the exact adverse aim that is,the removal of excess water from the field.The term land improvement is often used in relation to the construction of irrigation infrastructure. Dams,water tanks, systems of water distribution and drillings are important irrigation structures.

Land improvement activities include, apart from irrigation systems, flood protection structures, drainage works, afforestation and land leveling systematization.

Our portofolio currently provides irrigation systems and plastic materials in order to increase and maximize the efficiency and saving of water resources which will lead to energy saving and decrease of cost crop.

Our company aims to offer products of high quality at reasonable prices and sufficient customer service.

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