The antifreezing woven fabric is dense enough, light for use on plants, Ensures higher temperatures to cover-crops, allowing spray over the woven fabric, Suitable for horticulture, vegetables etc

Cropcover fabrics help to extend the growing season resulting in higher yield crops.
They are particularly essential in climatic conditions that do not favour successful continuous crop development.
They create a microclimate by keeping soil temperatures higher than environment temperature, thus helping plants to grow faster.
Protect plants from frost, snow, hail, strong wind and insects
Allow earlier plantation - Increase crop cycles per season, crop yields and profits
Reduce moisture loss through the soil
Reduce the risk of cross pollination
Allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate
Reduce the need for insecticides and chemical treatment
Light-weighted so as not to prevent plant growth
Standard width is up to 3.2 m. If needed, multiple layers can be joined together to provide widths up to 19.2 m.
Product range is available in lengths of 500 m. Also available in mini rolls of 25 m.
Weight between 18 gr/m2 allowing easy placement


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