It is a product for olives harvesting, Use olive permanent layer that is the net run in soil and remain there for the olives to fall down and then pick the producers,Usually lives in the soil for more than 5 months permanently paved
  • It is a product for olives harvesting
  • Use olive permanent layer that is the net run-in soil and remainthere for the olives to fall down and then pick the producers. Usuallylives in the soil for more than 5 months permanently paved.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: HDPE 100%
  • Shadow Skill: 0%
  • Density: 60g / m2
  • Fabric: HDPE Monofilament
  • Diameter weaving material: 0.20mm
  • Weaving density: 6 yarns / inch
  • Density of pipe: 4.5 seams / cm
  • UV resistance: 5 years
  • Roll width: 4-5-6 m.
  • Roll length: 4X100m - 5X80 m - 6X65m
Units in box: 1