Water timer for tap designed for residential use in sheltered terraces and small gardens
Description General properties IRO-6050:
• Number of stations: 1 station.
• Number of programs: a sequential program.
• Number of starts: Up to 360 daily starts depending on the frequencyof irrigation.
• Cycle time: up to 599 min.
• Programming times: from 1 min. up to 10 hours.
• Manual opening and closing of the programmer.
• Easy installation, programming and use thanks to its versatile designand hybrid system control.
• Rotating mechanical controls.
• LED status.

Especificaciones técnicas:
• Power: 2 AAA batteries 1.5 V ALKALINE.
• Output: Motorized Latch.
• Sealing: IP-68.
• Battery life with two Alkaline AAA batteries for more than acampaign.
• Upper connection to tap 3/4 "or 1" with rotary adjustment and rubberto fit and seal.
• Bottom outlet of 3/4" male thread or express connector.

Width: 20 cm.
Height: 12 cm.
Depth: 9 cm.
Weight: 280 g.

• Designed for residential use in sheltered terracesand small gardens. 
Units in box: 1