Irrigation Controller Water Timer Sub 1 Pro

Electronic Water Timer Sub 1 Pro

1 station controller DC WP.
Two independent programs.
Water budgeting from 10-200%.
Manual operation per station or semi-auto operation for program.
Watering time - from 1 min. up to 599 min. in 1 min. increments forprogram I.
3 start times program I.
7 days "select-A-day" or "skip days" interval from 1-14 days.
Program erase - total reset.
Use one 9 volt Alkaline battery to operate the controller.
Output to solenoid is 12 volt.
Low battery indication.
Operates 9 volt valves.
Operates latching solenoid rated 9 volt, 2 wires, 2 or 3 ways solenoids.
When battery is connected, controller starts an "OFF" command to allvalves to set them to close position.
Wire distance from controller to valve:
Up to 80 m - wire diameter 0.5 mm.
Operates all 3 ways, 2 wire 6-20 volt pulse solenoid.
Program II = Loop program in Seconds/Minutes
Option I - Operates by Sensors.
Option II - Operates by Program.


Units in box: 12