Pruner Vesco A6

This hands shear is characterized by the peculiar anvil-cut, carried out by its curved blades.
The mobile blade reaches the curved, aluminium wing of the anvil and performs grazing cuts leaving no protusion on the pruned surface.
Moreover, the sharp blade is mounted in an eccentric position in order to ensure the so-called “pull cut” : during the pruning, it tends to drag the branch towards the rotation fulcrum reducing the effort and holding it back.
The blade unit is made of steel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered with heat treatment ( 58 HRC ).
The blade offers an anti-adherent coating that increases penetration ( on request ).
An inside grease container lubricates the shears constantly.
The blade and the counter-blade play can be adjusted to perfection assuring a clean and precise cut. The alloy aluminium handles are lined with anti-slipping rubber.
This model is designed for small hands