Pruner Vesco A4/S

They are shears with the typical anvil cut. After the cut has beencompleted, the mobile blade “goes against” an aluminium anvilperforming a guillotine cutting. Moreover, the sharp blade is mountedin an eccentric position in order to ensure the so-called “pull cut” :during the pruning, it tends to drag the branch towards the rotationfulcrum reducing the effort and holding it back. The blade unit is madeof steel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged and temperedwith heat treatment ( 58 HRC ). The blade offers an anti-adherentcoating that increases penetration ( on request ). An inside greasecontainer lubricates the shears constantly. The blade and thecounter-blade play can be adjusted to perfection assuring a clean andprecise cut. The alloy aluminium handles are lined with anti-slippingrubber. This model is designed for small hands.