Pruner Vesco A3

These light and compact shears are equipped with considerably shorterblades rotating in an eccentric position in respect to the shear axis.These two features give this tool a much lower cutting effort comparedto the traditional shears for pruning vines. In addition to this,during the pruning, the vine-branch tends to be dragged towards theblade rotating fulcrum preventing it from slipping. There is ashock-absorber and cushion in order to avoid making the handarticulation and muscles tired. The blade unit is made of steel with ahigh carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered with heattreatment ( 58 HRC ). The blade offers an anti-adherent coating thatincreases penetration ( on request ). An inside grease containerlubricates the secateurs constantly. The counter-blade has a sap grooveto wipe dirt away. The blade and the counter-blade play can be adjustedto perfection assuring a clean and precise cut. The alloy aluminiumhandles are lined with anti-slipping rubber.