Pruner Vesco A1

It is a classic model in respect to shears for pruning.It is suitablefor any kind of pruning even if it is particularly recommended forpruning vines.
The tool has got a shock-absorber and cushion in orderto avoid making the hand articulation and muscles tired.
The blade unitis made of steel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged andtempered with heat treatment ( 58 HRC ).
An inside grease containerlubricates the secateurs constantly.
There is also a notch for cuttingsmall diameter wires and a counter-blade with a sap groove to wipe dirtaway.
The blade and the counter-blade play can be adjusted toperfection assuring a clean and precise cut.
The alloy aluminiumhandles are lined with anti-slipping rubber.





:8,3 in
:8,4 oz
:1 in







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1. Clean all the tool parts accurately after the shears are used

2.Lubricate the rotating parts and the spring once a week

3. Check and adjust the blade and counter-blade play. If it is necessary.

a. Lock a n° 17 tube wrench in a vice

b. Fit the central screw hexagonal head into the tube wrench and tighten slightly

c. Use a n° 14 wrench to tighten the central nut

d. Turn the n° 14 wrench and shears simultaneously ( the same way as the arrow ) until the spring is able to open the shears

4. Check all the tightening of all the screws once a week

5. Sharpen the mobile blade when it does not cut properly using VESCO stones - F2, F3

6. When the shear is not used for long periods, protect the steel surfaces with a light film of oil.

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