Lopper Vesco V60

This branch-cutter is suitable for pruning branches of medium-largediameter thanks to the special lever system in order to diminish thecutting effort. It is an by-pass branch-cutter where the curved bladeperforming a clear and clean cut. The by-pass system performs cutsleaving no protusion on the pruned surface. It is equipped with shockabsorber and cushion. The light weight and the thin shape make thebranch-cutter very easy to handle; it can also be used where thevegetation is thicker and more distant. The blade unit is made of steelwith a high carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered with heattreatment ( 58 HRC ). An inside grease container lubricates the toolconstantly. The handles are made of alloy aluminium with an antislipping plastic grip.