Lopper Vesco T10

This branch-cutter is suitable for pruning branches of medium-largediameter thanks to the considerable blade opening and the special leversystem in order to diminish the cutting effort. It is an anvilbranch-cutter where the mobile blade - after the cut has been completed- “goes against” a forged aluminium anvil, performing a clear and cleancut ( the so called guillotine cut ). The mobile blade is mounted in aneccentric position: this allows the brunch to be dragged towards thefulcrum avoiding possible slipping. The light weight and the thin shapemake the branch-cutter very easy to handle; it can also be used wherethe vegetation is thicker and more distant. The blade unit is made ofsteel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered withheat treatment (58 HRC). An inside grease container lubricates the toolconstantly. The handles are made of alloy aluminium with an antislipping plastic grip.